Sunday, 8 March 2015

Sunday Baking

    Channeling some nostalgia and happy memories today...

    I can't remember a time I have not baked. Donuts and bread with Gramma Smith, always using her hand-made tin scoop. Blueberry muffins, french toast and dark chocolate cake with my sister. Pies and buttermilk biscuits with my mom.  

    So, today I baked Kaladar Blueberry Muffins for a snack. My sister and I have made so many batches of these it is a wonder there are any blueberries left anywhere along Highway 7 from Kaladar to Sharbot Lake.  

    Mom bought me a bread book after my Gramma Smith passed away, because I had mentioned I wanted to use Gramma's flour scoop and bread pans. Mom and I used the book and made bread once years ago. My mom loves to bake and share recipes.  I am baking some bread this afternoon, so that I can share my flour escapades with her. You will see Gramma's scoop and bread pans being lovingly used once again.

    I wish mom and sister lived closer so they could share my baked goodies...

    My loaves weren't even cool before my husband and I were sampling.... they were a hit!

    Until next time, 


Friday, 22 June 2012

Sweet Little Berries

Cream, green, yellow and rose, with a splash of white....... 

This is my colour palette. 

These colours,,,,
decorate and colour my home
brighten my clothing
saturate my stitching, fabric, floss, patterns and projects
light my gardens 

In my choices, I,,,,
expose my preference, well,,, OK,,,, I admit it, my obsession
showcase my love
pay homage 

These colours endlessly draw and meet my eye.  They hold my attention in antique, clothing, quilt, stitching and kitchen shops, encouraging me to manifest my view of the world in the things that surround me.  Every time we connect, I am inspired.

My humble English Cottage Garden
Lupins, roses and phlox are barely contained by a dry stone wall

Do you feel the same?  What colours and palette hold and inspire you?
Heritage Hollyhocks in my English Cottage Garden

Last weekend, upon entering the grocery store my eyes were drawn to the baskets and baskets of strawberries freshly picked that morning at the Ovens Berry Farm.  How could I resist?  I could not and did not. 

Every year, their sweet little berries top my bowls of Greek yogourt, add sparkle to my jams and cakes and are eaten out of hand or with milk and a little sugar. 

They even make my junk shop china plate, antique doily and Fire King bowl look elegant - Don't you think?
Greek yogourt and Ovens sweet little berries

Well, before I enjoyed those fleeting sweet little berries, they demanded a response from me.  So, here has been my reply:

Sweet Little Berries
Little House Needleworks

How will you respond to the colours and bounty of the season? 

Like me, will you visit local Farmers' Markets and road-side stands? 

Will you allow the flavours, textures and aroma of fresh fruit, berries and produce nourish you and influence your stitching projects throughout the summer?

And so, this ends my second blog post....

Saturday, 16 June 2012

First post

I have been saying for months that I plan to start blogging. 

Days go by, weeks come and go and still I keep saying I want to blog and I never get around to it.  But after reading some of my friends' blogs this morning, I have been inspired.  

So, these few words will mark another step in my journey - learning to blog, connecting with friends (old and hopefully new ones) and expressing my creativity.  So, wish me luck!

I plan to share my love of colour, stitching, photography, history, food and hopefully the things, people and places that inspire me.

So, here are a few pictures from my recent trip through southern Ontario, specifically St. Jacobs, Cambridge, Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Brighton and Picton.  I hope you find the beauty of these small towns as breathtaking as I do.

Walking at dusk through the quiet streets of Niagara-on-the-lake, the sidewalks were covered in petals and the air was filled with the scent of blossoms and blooms. 

The custodian of this tree peony implored visitors to share in her love by only looking and smelling this beauty.  I took many, many pictures, but none captured my sense of awe standing on the sidewalk as the sun set on a late May evening. 

Walks along the mill race in St. Jacobs have been a highlight of many road trips through Ontario over the years.  The mill race no longer supplies the water that powered the old mill that sits in the village, but it still welcomes those that seek a quiet stroll. It flows from a dam where two lazily flowing branches of a small creek come together, gently moving along beside farmer's fields, through a overhanging forest of trees and shrubs, silently under railroad and foot bridges, to finally emerge into the picturesque village of St. Jacobs.  Walks at dusk, in the heat of the day and at first light have left me wanting to return to that humble path again and again.  Hopefully you too with have an opportunity to experience this lovely little place.  

So this ends my very first blog post.....